Keeping the Wheels Turning in Sweden

It has been a long time since the brothers Jöns and Anders Cederholm built their first steam car in Ystad back in 1891-92. Since then the Swedish car and truck industry has grown not only in terms of productivity, but in reputation. The world famous Swedish car brands Volvo and Saab have over the years built an enviable reputation for reliability, innovation and safety. Koenigsegg, although a smaller operation, is renowned for building some of the most powerful and desirable hyper cars in the world. Scania AB and Volvo AB are two of the largest truck makers on the planet.

Although most of the car and truck brands in Sweden have, in the past few years, passed into foreign ownership the automotive industry is still thriving there. To continue to compete with German, Japanese and American manufacturers, Sweden’s car and truck makers need to attract the very best engineers and designers into their ranks. That is why they turn to IC Automotive. As IC sources fresh talent into the Swedish market by providing  English speaking consultants only.

Part of  Inter-Consulting Europe (UK) Ltd IC Automotive specialise in technical recruitment from all over the world for the automotive industry. Presently they are concentrating on the Swedish car and truck makers because, as they say themselves on their new website launching this week: “this is the hottest market for automotive jobs”.

IC Automotive’s client list reads like a who’s who of automotive manufacturing in Sweden:

  • Volvo
  • Scania
  • Koenigsegg
  • Saab National Electric Vehicle Sweden
  • Geely
  • CEVT 

These companies use a trusted partner to find them the talent they need to continue pushing the envelope of design and precision engineering in their products, keeping them at the very cutting edge of vehicle innovation. This should come as no surprise; IC Automotive has been getting it right on their behalf for over 15 years. The consultants are not only experts in recruitment, providing skilled and experienced designers and engineers on a permanent or fixed contract basis; they also have hands on experience of design and engineering in the car and truck making industry. When they say they know what they are talking about, they really mean it!

Consultants at IC Automotive work 7 days a week sourcing professionals from all over the world with experience in Vehicle Development, Line Development, Body Design, Interior and Exterior Trimming, Electric & Electronic Engineering, Chassis and Powertrain Installation and more; people who know their way around design software like NX and CATIA V5. They know it isn’t easy to uproot and move to a new country so they help make the transition as smooth and painless as possible for everyone who has what it takes to pass the in-depth stringent vetting process that their clients demand.

If you have the qualities these firms are looking for and wish to enjoy the benefits of living and working in Sweden, contact IC Automotive today.


Friday Feb 3, 2017