Recruitment Process Non-EU Nationals

We are experts in finding and relocating international Non-EU talents to foreign markets, specialising in Germany, Netherlands and Nordics.

We have a diversified network of top talents from Non-EU countries, such as Brazil, India, Argentina and many others. All our applicants are well-experienced, carefully verified, speak fluent English and are keen on building a long-term career in Europe. We carefully shortlist and handpick each of them to reassure a superior quality competence and reliability of each person.

Being specialised in international recruitment for more than 15 years we have become experts in the field and are willing to meet most challenging needs of our clients and finding resources that cannot be found on the local market.


What we can offer to you? 

  • Guaranteed 9 months' placement of each candidate
  • Work permits processed in 4-8 weeks
  • Hands on verification of each candidate
  • Talented, experienced and fluent in English staff 


Why chose Non-EU Nationals? 

When you find it difficult to fill the role with local resources or simply has a goal to diversify your team with international staff this is where hiring Non-EU talents can be a great solution. We are willing to bring a great mixture of international resources to your company following your techinical needs and requirements. 

In addition, we will be willing to arrange work permits for canidates quickly - in 4-8 weeks, as we have a special agreement with our local partner in Sweden, Germany and Netherlands, who can do this for us.  This can be done even sooner, but we prefer to use this time frame as a guide taking into consideration any possible delays. 


What is our recruitment & hiring process?

Stage 1 – Generating Applications

  • Client provides RFQs to IC
  • We take a full job description and understand client’s objectives
  • We utilise our industry knowledge and review database of resources
  • We shortlist suitable and verified candidates follow the RFQs

Stage 2 – Professional Approach & Engagement

  • Shortlisted candidates will be approached in a discreet and professional manner to discuss their experience and interest in fine detail.
  • Candidates will be briefed and guided on the job requirements, company, its culture and client’s expectations from the candidate, covering any challenges in the role.
  • IC send CVs of suitable candidates to the Client for shortlist

Stage 3 – Interview Arrangements

  • Shortlisted candidates have a Skype or Telephone Interview scheduled with the Client
  • Skills and competences of candidates are assessed during the interview

Stage 4 – Job Offer

  • Hiring process begins and a Job Offer is given to the selected candidate
  • Terms and Conditions of the Offer is mutually agreed between all parties

Stage 5 – Signing the Agreement 

  • Rates and Employment Terms are agreed between all parties
  • Purchase order is sent by the Client to IC
  • IC and the Client sign the Engagement Agreement
  • IC sign the Employment Contract with the Consultant

Stage 6 – Work Permit Process

We work with a local partner that has a  special agreement with an immigration office and can get work permits for international engineers in 4 to 8 weeks or sooner. 

Work Permit for Germany

We have an agreement  a German outsourcing agency that holds the AUG Licence, through which we can provide Non-EU Nationals to work on-site for automotive clients in Germany.

Work Permit for Netherlands

Our outsourcing partner TCP is a NEN and VCU certified Dutch business that is able to either employ individuals on a PAYE basis, managing their tax/social security at source. TCP can apply for visas for those coming from outside the EU. We have a fast-track process with the Dutch immigration service (IND) and can arange work permits in average of 4 weeks.

Stage 7 – Relocation Process 

  • IC arrange the relocation process for the consultant, including travel, accommodation, Tax Office registration, providing the consultant with a complete guide on living in Sweden

Stage 8 – Payments & Taxation

  • IC invoice the client on the agreed rate per hour
  • IC process timesheets on a monthly basis and payroll the consultant
  • IC pay income tax, social contribution, pension, holidays, insurances

Stage 9 – Permanent Employment with Client after 9 months

After the period of 9 months the consultant can go work directly to the client on a permanent basis (subject to the agreed terms). This can be a good option for consultants who have commitment to work for the client long-term and stay in the country for 5 years. In turn, this is a beneficial option for clients who want to remain a low turnover of staff and keep their best talents.  


If you are interested in hiring non-EU national and wish to discuss this further with us, please Contact Us.

We would be happy to provide you with full information and answer any of your questions!