Catia V5 Design Engineers Contract Jobs Germany

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Salary negotiable
Munich, Stuttgart, Cologn
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On behalf of our customers in Germany we are looking for Catia V5 Contract Design Engineers.

  • Ideally EU Nationals
  • 6-24-month contracts
  • Good Contract rates
  • First time contractors are welcome
  • German Speakers will get priority

Ideally, we are looking for Single status people who are able to relocate and work at the customer site during the week.Min 3-5 Years’ Experience is required.


Type of Engineers we are looking for:

  • Catia V5 BIW
  • Catia V5 Interiors, Consoles, Plastics, IP
  • Catia V5 Designers DIW/Exteriors/Bumpers, Tailgates
  • Catia V5 Exterior Lighting Design Engineers
  • Chassis/AXLE Powertrain Calibration


Locations: Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin

Start Date: June-August 2018

End date 12+ month, ongoing.