Catia V5 Design Engineers Interior/Exterior Contract Job Sweden

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Salary negotiable
Contract Type:
Closing Date:

On behalf of our customer we are looking for Catia V5 Design Engineers Interior/Exterior to work in Sweden.


  • Long-term contracts 12-48+months
  • Good Rates, ongoing needs
  • Help with relocation to Sweden
  • EU Nationals Only


Competence Required:

  • Mechanical Design Catia V5 expertise min 3 - 5 years
  • Interior or Exterior Design expertise
  • Any good automotive design expertise from any OEM


Additional Information:

IC prefers single status people, as this is easier to sustain financially and find an apartment in Sweden. People with family could be considered, but criteria should be met. Namely, the partner must have an engineering profession, so will be able to work in Sweden. If not, a consultant can bring his/her family to Sweden after 12 months, when all settled. 

Start Date: ASAP.

End Date: 12-48+ months.

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden.