6 trends that will impact e-commerce this year

    In 2021, e-commerce has continued to grow, with more and more online shoppers and e-retailers eager to meet this demand. Indeed, a lot of companies has witnessed a increase in the technologies used by e-retailers to satisfy their customers.

    With the multiplication of e-commerce sites online, consumers have the luxury of being able to choose the stores they want to order from. However, the act of buying is no longer simply influenced by the product or the price, but other issues, such as the values of a brand will be taken into consideration by the customer.

    Ecology for example has started to play a part since the citizens are increasingly sensitive to sustainability and ecology issues, saying they are influenced by a brand's responsibility when making a purchase. Questions such as "Where do the materials come from? What is the packaging made of? Does the e-tailer offer green delivery options?" are becoming more common. Brands are becoming more aware of this and are becoming more environmentally responsible.   It is quite possible (and desirable) that the year 2022 will be marked by new initiatives...

    The subscription model is also something taken to consideration now: It's common knowledge that acquiring customers is much more expensive than retaining them. So it's not surprising that brands are getting inventive in trying to retain their customers. The rise of online shopping has allowed brands to implement a new type of loyalty program: the subscription model. The customer chooses one or more items that they consume regularly, chooses the frequency of purchase and the brand does the rest.                                                                                                                                                                Many sectors have adopted this model and it is now possible to have flowers, bottles of wine, dog toys, jewellery or fashion items delivered monthly. This has the advantage of allowing the customer to have peace of mind in knowing that they will automatically receive the products they regularly consume or to receive a surprise in their mailbox every month. For the brand, being able to accompany its customers over the long term is a golden opportunity.

    Additionally, operations Experience Management is becoming a hot topic:  to face the increased competition in e-commerce, retailers need to differentiate themselves. To do so, customer experience is a key success factor. Customer experience has become a key focus for many brands who want to use it as an opportunity to outperform their competitors. And this has led brands to think about the buying journey they offer. Operations Experience Management allows brands to take back control of the buying journey from A to Z. More and more retailers are interested in the post-purchase journey and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.