Becoming a UI-UX designer: is it a good career option?

    In 2008, Apple introduced the Appstore while Google was developing their own android market, the Play store. These platforms gave birth to an ecosystem of tech companies and independent developers by allowing them to expand a plethora of apps, which represent today an important industry that is still steadily increasing.

    It also conducted to the emergence of new careers in the digital age, one of the most well-known and trending being: “UX-UI designing”

    The UX Designer is responsible for a good user experience. A good or bad UX is closely linked to the quality of the design. With this in mind, the UX Designer is responsible for applying a user-centric design that places the user's experience as the main concern, with the aim of ensuring the most positive user experience possible.

    It is the ideal alternative to optimize the efficiency of a digital product/service: a website, a mobile application or a software and gain the trust and satisfaction of users.

    UI design concerns the graphic environment of a user interface: typography, colors, information architecture, size and shape of UI elements, etc.

    The UI designer is responsible for arranging the UI elements of a user interface according to ergonomic and graphic standards and according to the graphic charter in force.

    With the emergence of e-commerce, and interactive devices, UI-UX seems to seems like a promising career option. The UX Designer profession is constantly evolving and the demand for this skill is expected to increase by about 18% in the coming years.