Reasons why Berlin is one of the hottest hubs for tech talents

    In the recent years Berlin started to spark its reputation by its liberal diversity, cool image and low costs of living becoming more and more an attractive destination for international innovative minds. With a growing supportive infrastructure and innovative culture the city’s entrepreneurial spirit has started flourishing, attracting young and ambitions to join the movement. 

    Berlin has become a magnet for young tech talents from all over the world for a number of reasons:


    An attractive hub for investors

    Creative industries account for 40,000 companies in the Berlin with over 350,000 workers being employed and producing an annual turnover of over 35 billion euros.  According to the recent research, Berlin startups received 1.9 billion euros in funding over the first 6 months in the last year.

    Alex Jjung - the cofounder of SoundCloud (a successful Berlin startup) commented about Berlin is that “one of the reasons why it is good for startups is because the whole city is a startup.” In the last three decades the city has evolved a lot and so has its economy.

    A place for inspiration for creative minds

    Due to its diverse history the German capital embrace this extrinsic mixture of modern and old, which makes it an attractive melting pot for creative minds and innovative businesses as a source of inspiration and generation of cool ideas.

    From an interview of a Parisian web developer - Lily, who has recently moved from Brighton to Berlin Lily to work for Brandwatch (one of the world’s leading social intelligence company with offices in the UK, US, Singapore and Berlin) she describes Berlin as the perfect place for innovative ideas to flow with its discussion areas and graffiti covered walls offices.

    Lilly said: “It's probably one of the most liberal cities of Europe, you really can be yourself. This city definitely plays by its own rules and because of that it encourages people to be their most creative.”

    Amazingly international diversity 

    According to the Institute of Strategy and Development (IFSE) Berlin start ups are the major employers of international employees with 620,000 registered internationals in the city, which makes 16,5 % of total population of Berlin with over 186 different nationalities reside in the city.

    According to the Global Start Ups Ecosystem report, with 49% of its employees are being internationals Berlin’s start-ups beat Silicon Valley (45% internationals) by its diversity and is only topped up by London.

    The highest pay for Software developers

    Software developers and managers are the most highly paid jobs in Berlin with an average starting salary of 2,900 euros for a software developer rising to an average of 5,000 euros for an experienced developer (10+ years).


    The happiest employees in the IT industry

    The first comprehensive start-up salary survey in Germany shows that Berliners earn higher salaries and experience more job satisfaction.  Additionally, the report showed that those who work in start-ups are happier than those who don’t.