EDS Remote Consulting R&D for clients

    Inter-consulting is a well-established IT R&D consulting company. It performs with key consultants in multi sectors recruitment of professionals. One of the key areas of expertise we have is in the EDS Wire Harnessing system designs and electrical engineering. With today changing world and customers’ needs, it is very apparent that remote work is something of the new normal of any international companies.

    One of the biggest challenges to ensure the success of any organization is finding the right people with right skill and attitude. Inter-Consulting is here to help you achieve these goals, like faster time-to-market and elimination of training cost. Inter-Consulting has a proven record of delivering IT & Engineering resources to organizations, quickly and efficiently providing the brainpower of highly trained consultants and specialists. The consultants provided by Inter-Consulting your entire human resource requirement without the expense, delay, or inconvenience of lengthy recruiting and assessment processes.

    Inter-consulting can provide a consultant that is already well established in his professional field. The benefits of having a remote worker are labour time. This is approved by tasks and the improve time sheet. The benefit is that this task can be done remote with no additional cost and to employ such areas skills in a hot market can be a good work in solution for some clients. The remote services are EU based near shore and USA based onshore.

    We open recently our new website www.icedsconsulting.com giving all the information about our new project. Do not hesitate to check it out if you are interested in EDS Wire Harness Remote Consultants and contact us.