How Alias software revolutionized the face of 3D Modeling

    Nowadays, while 3D printing in the automotive industry is progressively being adopted, new-age CAD design has acquired more importance, in response to the increasing demand of designers aware of the additive manufacturing design principles.

     The founding of the Alias software revolutionized the face of 3D Modeling and Animation as well as the engineering, design, gaming, entertainment, and film industries.

    Created by Autodesk, this CAD software applies primarily to surface modelling. It provides tools for sketching, modelling, simulates the effects and reflection of light on surfaces surface design and visualisation for industrial, automobile and product design.

    In 2021, Autodesk Alias was split into three distinct products:

    • Autodesk Alias AutoStudio (formerly Autodesk Alias Automotive)
    • Autodesk Alias Surface (formerly Autodesk Surface Studio)
    • Autodesk Alias Concept ( formerly Autodesk Design Studio)

    Today, Alias involves a large list of customers including Timex, Reebok. Oakley, Kenner, BMW, GM, Honda, Volvo, Apple, GE, Motorola, Sony, Industrial Light and Magic, Broadway Video and The Moving Picture Company.

    As a matter of fact, Johannes Bayer, who is a CA-Styling and Visualization manager at BMW Group Design said: "At BMW, Alias/Wavefront's AutoStudio software is being used for concept design projects, allowing for a maximum amount of flexibility during these processes."

    It has been proven that the use of Alias/Wavefront design tools has trully expanded the design and visualization capabilities at BMW since successfully developing the new 3Series coupe with AutoStudio.

    It testifies the fact that today, automotive software innovation enables vehicle architecture teams to create unique concept vehicles with confidence that the new designs meet all the required engineering necessities.