Register in Sweden

3 Step Process

1.)   Use ‘Move to Sweden’ Service to submit your personal data and answer questions on your planned stay in Sweden

2.)   Visit Swedish Migration Agency to notify that you are moving to Sweden


Documents to bring with you (for single status people):

1.     Passport or national ID card.

2.     Documents showing your civil status, e.g. marriage certificate (as unmarried you do not need to show your civil status).

3.     Birth certificate, if you have children.

4.     Documents showing that you are employed and working or will be working in Sweden.

5.     Pay slips (If you have already begun your period of employment you can also bring pay slips.)

6.     Present your Employment Certificate (If you are working in Sweden you will be required to present an employment certificate (anställningsbevis) from your employer, specifying that you will be performing work in Sweden).


If you are moving with a family:

When you visit the office all members of your family who are moving to Sweden must accompany you, including the children.  You and your family members need to bring the above documents when you visit one of Swedish Tax Agency offices.


3.)   Visit Swedish Tax Agency 

When you visit Swedish Tax Agency you will be given  a co-ordination number.

  • This number must always be used in contact with the Swedish Tax Agency. 
  • The purpose of the coordination number is for authorities and other social organisations to identify people even if they are not in the Swedish Population Register.
  • You can use a coordination number when contacting different authorities, healthcare centres and banks.

IMPORTANT: A coordination number is not the same as a Personal Identity number. A Personal Identity number can only be obtained if you plan to stay in Sweden for longer than one year.

The Agency will explain to you that in order to apply for a Personal Identity Number  you will need to prove  that you actually work  and intent to stay long-term in Sweden. A proof for that would be your payslips, so you will need to begin your work first and get your payslips in irder to get a Personal Identity Number.  

You will need to come back to Swedish Tax Agency when you get your payslips and a co-ordination number, so they will register you in the Swedish Population Register. 

Once you get registered in Swedish Population Register you will be issued a Swedish Personal Identity Number (personnummer).


What is a Swedish Person Identity Number and What you need it for? 

Everybody entered into the Swedish Population Register is given a personal identity number, which is unique for that person. A personal identity number is provided by the Swedish Tax Agency. A coordination number is a unique designation of a person's identity that is not, or has not been, registered in Sweden.

If you have been given a personal identity number, you will keep the same number for your whole life. This means that your personal identity number is not changed if you move abroad, for example.

Your personal identity number is used in contact with authorities and private companies, since the number is your identity designation in Sweden.

The Swedish Tax Agency is commissioned by the government to provide current, accurate information about people who live in Sweden so that other authorities have a basis for planning and decisions. This is done by the Population Register department, which passes on your information to other authorities. They will receive correct information about you when changes are made to the Population Register, such as your new address after you report a move.


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