Work in Netherlands for non EU

We have multiple Automotive clientsin Netherlands who have steady demand for experienced and professional engineers. 

We will shortist successful candidates and present them to our automotive clients in Netherlands. Successful candidates that get a job offer from the client will then have to be employed by our outsourcing partner - TCP Solutions, so we can legally place you on the client's site for terms of the contract. 

TCP Solutions - a European professional employer organisation and compliance specialist that will become your official employer and will look after your salary payments and taxes. 

After you receive a job offer from the client,  we will put you in contact with TCP Solutions, so you can sign the employment agreement with them and apply for a Work Permit. 

You will be employed by TCP Solutions, but work for the client - the one that gave you a job offer. 


Benefits of working in Netherlands

Our contracts are normally long-term starting from 12+ months, which will be renewed every 6 months following the Purchase Order pattern. This is a good steping stone and a gate way for Non European Candidates to start a career in Europe and progress to a European citizenship. This of course is subject to your compliance with immigration rules, and we of course will help you and mentor you through the process if that is your goal. 

The good thing about the Netherlands is that you will be able to bring your wife and family, as you will get a good salary allowing you to provide good stadards of living for your family. 


Why do we work  with TCP Solutions? 

TCP is a NEN and VCU certified Dutch business that is able to either employ individuals on a PAYE basis, managing their tax/social security at source. 

TCP are able to fund the payroll and have you  paid prior to the receipt of funds from the customer.  TCP will register you in the Dutch system and also, if you like, accompany you to the tax office during this so that  you have a Dutch speaker with you. 

Where TCP is the employer they are able to fully indemnify all parties (you, us and the customer) against any liability or risk that can arise from an incorrectly setup, errors made with the running of the payroll or the employment in general. New legislation in the UK and across Europe has tightened regulations such that compliance is now more vital than ever – TCP will make sure you that we are fully in line with any/all legislation.


Work Permit Process for Non EU 

Non-EU potential candidates may find it difficult to obtain working visas for Europe. TCP Solutions has established a solid reputation and relationships with local authorities across Europe, enabling visa sponsoring in Netherlands.

TCP can apply for visas for those coming from outside the EU. We have a fast-track process with the Dutch immigration service (IND) and can get a processed visa back in approx. 4 weeks. 

In order to meet Labour Law requirements and obtain a Work Permit you will be employed by TCP while working on the customer. After we make an agreement with you and you get a job offer from the customer,  we will put you in contact with TCP to sign an employment contact with them and apply for a Work Permit. 


Dutch Citizenship 

Expats who have been living in the Netherlands for five years are be eligible to apply for Dutch citizenship (Nederlandse nationaliteit). 

There are some exceptions to the five year residence requirement for naturalisation. You do not need to have lived in the Netherlands for a continuous five year period if one of the following applies: you are married to a Dutch citizen and you have been living together continuously for at least three years either in the Netherlands or abroad. This exception is also possible for unmarried partners.

When gaining Dutch citizenship internationals often have to give up their original citizenship(s) (afstand doen) because in many cases the Netherlands does not permit dual nationality. There are however, a number of exceptions to this rule, where dual citizenship is possible.?



If you are interested in working in Netherlands, but still have any questoins, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!

Prior to contacting us, please submit your CV under the job you are interested in or Register with Us

We woud be happy to provide you with more information and answer any of your questions after we review your details.