Work in Sweden

Inter-Consulting Europe (UK) Ltd  will only work with candidates who fit Swedish culture and will appreciate the local amenities. This includes living locally. We prefer people who want to relocate to Sweden.  We require employees to be enrolled into the Swedish Social System with a Person ID and a Full TAX ID to be granted and a Verification process to be applied. This is crucial, so all laws are obeyed. In turn, we must provide legal evidences to our Project Manager and to the client. Sweden has implemented Immigration and TAX Laws for both non-EU and EU nationals.  


EU Nationals/British Nationals/US Nationals

EU Nationals are subject to Swedish Taxation if you are in the country for more than 3 months. If you are commuting on a weekly basis and work over 3 months you are a subject to Swedish taxation, as this is deemed as your main income and place of work. Sweden does not recognise 183 days’ rule anymore. Any British Nationals need to have Swedish AB on commencement of any contracts. The payments are only made in Sweden, not to any UK Ltd company. This is the only business process we operate for British contractors.

This Swedish government body investigates contractors, who do not obey Swedish Tax rules:


Taxation System in Sweden

If you are a an employee paid from Inter-Consulting Europe (UK) Ltd you are obliged to pay all social tax fees: national insurance, pension, and other fees for yourself.

You will have to sign the Agreement SKV 4738 “Socialavgiftsavtal” (Social security contribution agreement) and send it to the Statteverket, a Swedish Tax Office. Please, download the Agreement Form.

Agreement SKV 4738 “Socialavgiftsavtal” an agreement between employer and employee, that the employee has got paid out even the social contribution (e.g. 21.77% for 2016) on top of the gross salary. This has to be paid then to the Swedish Skatteverket by the employee. Additional information is on the link.

You will also receive a letter from Inter-Consulting Automotive Ltd, where you must agree that you agreed to pay social contribution described above.  If you don't pay your social contribution, we will hold your salary payments until it is done. We will ask you for the evidence that the contribution payments are up to date on a monthly basis, as we have to show this proof to the customer.

According to Swedish supply chain law the end customer is responsible for social contribution payments of its employees.  If an emplyee avoids paying taxes Swedish tax authorities will demand this amount from the end customer. Therefore, the customer requires from us to provide evidences of your payments.


Single Status People

IC prefer single status people due to difficulties of finding a place to live in Sweden and high living costs. There are no flats for families in Sweden or they are very expensive. If your wife does not have a profession she won’t be able to find a job in Sweden and this won't be profitable for you to move to Sweden.

We may consider a person with a family, but only if we agreed that wife will stay in your home country for 12 months. Once you establish yourself in Sweden and save some funds you may consider to move your family to Sweden.


Work Permit for Brazilian/Mexican Nationals:

  • Single status people take a priority and can process a work permit for them in 6 weeks. However, this is subject to all conditions to be met.
  • If we find an applicant who is suitable and is married, we may process with an offer of a 12-month contract if all conditions are met. One of the conditions is that the wife must stay in a home country for at least 12 months, as it takes time for a new person to establish himself in a new country and gives the candidate and the client to see if both parties can work together. The contract then can be extended to 2-4 years and the wife can move to Sweden. We will give bonuses on the extentions. This is a good process, as if all legal terms and payroll conditions are correct Swedish authorities can grant you a Swedish EU passport in the 5th year (subject to terms, interviews and conditions).


Family Option

If you have a family and kids you should obtain your own Work Permit via Swedish Migration Board and apply for the permit as a Self-Employed person.


Level of English

Your English MUST BE FLUENT with the advanced level in all areas: speaking, writing, listening. This will be assesed on a telephone interview. If your English level does not meet the requirenments we will not progress with your application.


Application Process:

  1. CV is sent in IC format to us, then sent to the Project Manager.
  2. Project Manager reviews your application.
  3. Progress to the next stage – an interview with Project Manager.
  4. If Interview with PM is successful, the applicant is shortlisted for the conference talk with the end customer.
  5. If the talk with the end customer is positive, we progress to the contract and the offer.


Additional stages for Non-EU Nationals (Work Permit Application):

You will need to provide us with your personal information for Visa Application.We will complete an application to Swedish Migration Centre for you.We will do a job advert on Swedish labour board to prove that no one fits for the role on the local market.Our partner in Sweden will scan you the letter for the application online with fees paid.*

* We will send you a Guide with full information prior to the application.


To read about living in Sweden, local people and culture, please check the link Living in Sweden

To get information on how to register in Sweden as a new resident,  please check the link: Register in Sweden.